Hi, I'm Jenny from Germany and this blog is about all the things I love.
I really have no idea how you found it but I'm glad you did and really hope you enjoy your stay.
Current obsession: Hannibal and Bioshock
Other things you will see here more often:
Die Ärzte, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Green Day, Billy Talent, Mark Pellegrino, cats and of course a lot of random stuff.

So enjoy and have fun


What’s your name?


Heisenberg. OK. Have a seat, Heisenberg.

I don’t imagine I’ll be here very long.

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so i’m watching some idiot show on syfy about nerd weddings

and there’s this woman going on about how she wants a GoT themed wedding

and i’m just like

are you sure

are you really sure about that

How to tell how much of a Marvel fan the people in the movie theater are:





Stage 1: Those who leave as soon as the movie ends

Stage 2: Those who know to stay until the credits for the extra scene

Stage 3: Those who stay until the end of the credits for the second extra scene

I’m a stage three. 

We all are

Stage 4: those who will stay until the ushers kick them out because they don’t trust marvel




if everybody got a free miniature animal at birth that protected you, like a tiny elephant or dragon, the world would be a better place.

write a book

You could call it The Golden Compass


Hannibal (2.06 Futamono) vs The silence of the lambs

Jack Crawford/Miriam - Clarice Starling/Catherine


reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck